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A Guide to Winning MSP Marketing Strategies

The MSP market is increasingly competitive, and it’s challenging even for top-tier MSP companies to stand out. Many companies are offering the same services to the same market. So, how do you attract and win clients over?

Winning MSP marketing strategies distinguishes your company from the competition, communicating your value and converting leads to returning clients. You are in the right place if you want to discover how to build MSP marketing strategies that help you stand out, position yourself in the market effectively, and draw profitable clients to your business.

This article guides creating MSP marketing strategies that work for your company.

Why do MSP marketing strategies matter?

Working MSP marketing strategies are essential for companies looking to build a solid reputation, reach more customers, and distinguish themselves in the market. Let’s explore why effective MSP marketing strategies are a must-have for MSP businesses.

Build your reputation as a leader in your industry

An effective marketing strategy can be tailored to project your brand in a desired light, building a perception that draws your target clients to your business. This works through a positive brand positioning that communicates your unique value to your audience and what you stand for.

Excellent brand positioning, brand identity, and unique value proposition (USP) are key to building a positive reputation that distinguishes your brand and makes you linger in the minds of your audience. Therefore, develop brand positioning, identity, and a USP that resonates with your target audience when building your marketing strategy.

Increase your MSP marketing visibility

One of the many goals of an effective MSP marketing strategy is to expand your reach and connect you to more clients. Achieving this involves running targeted ad campaigns, building an engaging content marketing strategy, and leveraging social media. Doing these puts your brand in front of more businesses looking to hire MSPs, increasing your brand visibility.

Stand out from the competition with consistent messaging

Excellent marketing strategies allow you to navigate steep competition and get noticed by your target audience. By developing campaigns that communicate your brand’s uniqueness, you can stand out from the competition and attract your desired prospects.

5 MSP Marketing strategies that work!

Various MSP marketing strategies can be developed to achieve your marketing goal as a company. To create a marketing strategy that works, identify your goals, needs, and how best to reach your target audience to achieve your objectives.

Here are the top five MSP marketing strategies you can adopt to increase your brand awareness and win clients over.

1. Build an MSP referral strategy

Referral marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for attracting more clients to your business. The best part is that they require little to no effort on your part. Provided you offer an excellent service that wows your existing clients, 69% of them would be willing to recommend your brand to other businesses.

However, you can facilitate their recommendations by including specific strategies. First, ask for a referral at certain periods. Perhaps during a feedback session or at the end of a contract. You could write a referral script that looks like this:

Hi there. We enjoyed working with you on this project and would love more clients like you. Would you recommend us if you know any business needing an MSP?”

Asking clients directly is an effective way to engage them and get them invested in recommending your business. You may also offer an incentive for every referral, such as discounts or additional complimentary services.

2. Leverage social media channels in your MSP marketing

Savvy MSPs harness social media to increase brand awareness and reach. Research shows that 63% of MSPs use Facebook daily, 58% use LinkedIn, and 31% tweet daily. Building a social media presence helps you establish credibility and professionally present your brand.

For instance, you are sharing tips, industry updates, and valuable resources projects you as an expert in the field, generating trust among your audience. In addition, since many businesses engage with brands on social media, it is a powerful tool to connect with your customers where they are.

So, identify the platforms your target clients use and provide engaging and valuable content. Finally, communicate your brand value and how it impacts your target businesses.

3. Run campaigns through email marketing

Email marketing is a practical strategy for growing your clientele as an MSP. It generates stellar ROI and open rates and is preferred by many customers for its direct and personalized approach.  

Generating the best results from your email marketing involves creating a solid email list. So, ensure the subscribers on your list are your target audience. Next, create valuable and personalized emails communicating your offerings. Finally, identify their needs and present how your services meet them.

4. Harness free website traffic with effective SEO

An excellent SEO strategy increases your visibility and the quality of your organic traffic. Optimizing your SEO requires improving your website experience and content strategy. To achieve this, create an intuitive and mobile-friendly website. Build quality links and deliver content revolving around what your target audience searches for. In addition, conduct regular SEO audits to improve and discover new opportunities.

5. Maximize PPC marketing for MSPs to reach new audiences

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) increases your brand visibility quickly. You can immediately get your brand in front of people by targeting specific keywords and audiences.

To do this, understand your audience and target your marketing to their needs and behaviours. In addition, integrate your PPC with other marketing strategies, including SEO and social media. Lastly, track your ad performance regularly and convert your traffic to leads.

Build Winning MSP Marketing Strategies With xpandly

Staying relevant and achieving your marketing goals requires continually refining your strategies to meet your objectives and appeal to your target market. You need professionals with the experience and expertise to help you stay on top of marketing goals and reach them.

This is where our team at xpandly comes in. We are industry professionals with years of experience helping highly profitable MSP companies generate more revenue with effective marketing strategies. We work with you to understand your objectives and target audience, crafting strategies that drive results.

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